IntelliQuilter is an after-market add on for your mid-arm or longarm quilting machine.  

It can be added to a machine with or without existing stitch regulation and is compatible with most machines. – A1 Quilting Machine, American Professional Quilting Systems (APQS),  Gammill Quilting Systems, Handiquilter, Innova, Kenquilt, Nolting, Prodigy and Proto

Computerized Quilting Software

Compare the features of the  BasiQ and ClassiQ systems

IntelliQuilter Highlights:

  • computer mounted on the machine, at your fingertips
  • comes preloaded with 200 or 400 patterns
  • touch screen control
  • driver motors engage/disengage automatically
  • easy to use, menu driven system
  • help on every screen
  • integrated graphic editing, including copy, repeat, combine, rotate, scale
  • automatic pattern fitting in blocks, including sizing rotation and flipping
  • automatic pantograph editing, including offset, interlocking, flipping and clipping at borders
  • recording function to capture hand-quilted patterns
  • paper pattern digitizing
  • “stitch in the ditch” support
  • whole quilt composition and saving
  • pattern download via USB drive when you purchase additional designs
  • software updates from time to time